Palace Dinner


RealBaliExperience accommodations vary from modest and reasonable to luxurious depending on you!

The beautiful Puri Agung Sukawati (Great Sukawati Palace) with Prince Agung Ari and his gracious family in the heart of Sukawati village serve as the perfect place to stay for budget conscious travelers. The palace is home to Real Bali Experience performing and fine arts workshops.

Meals also vary in tastes and prices from catered dinners, traditional restaurants, fine dining and local night markets and food stalls.Sukawati Gorge


Villa Accommodations & Spas:





All Real Bali Experience trips include Spa Adventures some overlooking river gorges where you can try a traditional herbal body scrub or hot stone massage, chocolate scrubs are yummy and many treatments end with a relaxing flower bath.

Sukawati Villas

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