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Have you had dreams of a Real Bali Experience?


So have I! And my dream came true when I lived there for two years in the mid-80's studying Gamelan Music, Wayang Kulit Shadow Theater and Culture. Now twenty-five years later I travel annually to this island in the Morning of the World absorbing the beauty, culture & spirit. I'm proud to invite any and all interested parties to come there with me to have your very own real Bali experience.

I offer customized trips created specifically for your wishes! Travel and stay in non-touristy areas, experience local traditions, religion and arts in action. Want something hands-on? Enjoy workshops in Gamelan music, Shadow play, Dance, making shadow characters and more... Perhaps you are interested in our healing retreats where East meets West with accomplished Balinese healers, certified Qi-Gong and Yoga teachers, meditation and spa activities at first class resorts well off the beaten path.

No two trips are alike since they are designed to meet your dreams, wishes and budget. Please contact maRia with any questions and get ready for your dreams to come true!

A minimum of six travelers are required for different types of trips. Accommodations are based on double occupancy. I'm happy to help you plan and figure it all out!

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